July 22-23, 2009



  Sponsors: SRC Texas Analog Center of Excellence, University of Texas-Dallas &
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Dallas Chapter

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Analog and RF integrated circuit technology now has the potential for yielding low cost solutions in a wide variety of Bio-Medical applications. The objective of this workshop is to identify analog circuit research challenges that have potential to enable important health related applications. Perspectives derived from the workshop will be used to formulate the scope of a nationwide call for University research proposals that will be issued by the Texas Analog Center of Excellence and the Semiconductor Research Corporation in August.


Sign-in will begin at 11 am on the 22nd and a box lunch will be provided. The workshop will begin at 1 pm and continue until 6:30 pm with a break for coffee/snacks during the afternoon. Then the group will move to the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory for a cocktail hour and a sit down dinner. On the 23rd the meeting will resume with a continental breakfast at 8 am. At noon a box lunch will be provided and (invited only) breakout sessions will begin and run until 2 pm. The group will then reassemble for a closing summary session that will end promptly at 3 pm.

Invited Speakers

Application-Specific ICs for Biotechnology: Challenges and Opportunities Arjang Hassibi, UT-Austin
Passive In-Body Micro Systems: Design Challenges and Opportunities Rizwan Bashirullah, U of Florida
Microelectronics: The Disruptive Technology Charles Sodini , MIT
High Performance Analog Signal Chain for Biomedical Applications: from Assay to Bits Bertan Bakkaloglu, Arizona State U
Wireless Interfaces to the Central and Peripheral Nervous System Reid Harrison, U of Utah
Circuits and Systems in Medical Applications Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio, Texas A&M U
Analog Circuit Challenges for Medical Electronics Eric M. Vogel, UT-Dallas
TBA Ken Wise, U of Michigan
Medical Imaging Technology and the Hospital of the Future (HOF) Anthony Pacifico, TATRC
Designing "Implantable Intelligence:" It is not the just the *silicon* circuit, it is the system Tim Denison, Medtronic
Key challenges on the road to a continuous monitor of internal pressure for glaucoma and cardiac health: ultra low-power sensing, and RF power and data transmission Pedro Irazoqui, Purdue