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University of Texas at Dallas program explores the future of wireless technology
Dallas Morning News
August 10, 2009

We may already feel overwhelmed by the onrush of electronic communications, but the MobileLab is showing how pervasive it could become. The University of Texas at Dallas is looking toward the future as it adds a degree program this fall in emerging media and communications. [Read full story]

Lab Generating New Ideas for a Wireless Future
Blend of Technology and Creativity Has Industry Players Taking Notice
July 20, 2009

The team performed hardware and software systems integration and created a slick user interface. Ericsson executives were so impressed by the bike that it was featured at the company’s trade booth last spring during CTIA Wireless, the world’s largest wireless industry event. And the resulting system operates on very low power, which will be particularly important in spin-off applications under consideration for firefighters, soldiers and recently discharged patients, Dr. Bhatia noted. [Read full story]

Researchers Develop Wireless Health Monitoring
Inexpensive Technology Promises to Greatly Bolster Patient Care
April 20, 2009

There’s one weak link when it comes to monitoring patients’ health after they’ve returned home: the patients themselves. Wireless technology and advanced sensor-based systems developed by engineers at UT Dallas, however, could go a long way toward changing that. [Read full story]