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Our Research
Research in Embedded and Adaptive Computing Group is focused in the broad area of Systems Level Design. We are interested in building systems and solve relevant problems. Today, we are exploring research issues pertaining to the healthcare, biomedical, and energy. Earlier research, which is still continuing, has stayed focused on inter-related areas of architecture and CAD for reconfigurable computing.

Graduate Studies
Graduate students in the group work on a defined sets of problems. Most of our projects require teamwork, and an ability to work as part of a team will generally contribute to the most fruitful graduate studies experience.

Most students are expected to carry out analytical and experi-mental work. It is generally expected that students not only possess an outstanding academic background but also good programming and design skills.

Prospective Graduate Students





Prospective graduate students

Please read and understand that...

I am a faculty member in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas. I also advise students in the Computer Engineering program at UTD. Some topics may fall in the Computer Science areas and I can advise students in CS. In each case, student must fulfill the requirements associated with the degree that he/she is applying for.

Applications for graduate studies are evaluated by the graduate admissions committee. I do not decide admissions. Based on student's application, academic record, standardized scores, and references, an admission decision is made by the graduate admissions committee. Also, based on a rank ordering, some admitted students may be offered a teaching assistantship.

If a student accepts our offer of admission, he/she spends first two semesters largely in the core and elective course work. Ph. D. students and students interested in an MS with thesis must select an advisor by the end of first year at UTD.

It may not be useful to contact me for financial aid before admission. Everyday, I receive many email messages from students expressing an interest in my research. Some are even wrongly addressed (e.g. Dear Dr. Lee.... when my last name is Bhatia). It is impossible for me to respond to each message.

It may be OK to contact me after admission and I will respond only if the email gives all details including academic rank, university, programming skills, hardware design skills, publications, and work experience.

Best Wishes,

Dinesh Bhatia